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The Right Way To Use Google’s Disavow Links Tool

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, July 13th, 2013



Google has made it pretty clear that you should use the disavow tool only as an act of last resort. Before, using the tool, one should make multiple link removal requests on their own. Just dumping all of your bad links into a file and then upload it to the disavow links tool won’t generate any positive result. When the disavow tool is used in such a manner then it doesn’t work. Matt Cutt has made it clear that if you were hit by Penguin and you know you have bad links then you should probably use disavow tool.

Google Disavow Linkings Tool - EBriks Infotech

  • Do a link audit- John Mueller from Google has cleared that there is no need to use third-party (backlink) tools and Google Webmaster Tools (alone) is enough. You can find links that you need by going to Google Webmaster Tools and from their you can choose your website:

Google Webmaster Tools>Select Traffic>Links to Your Site Select Traffic>Links to Your Site>More Select “Download Latest Links”

  • Analyze the link data- It is fine to use one of the ever expanding numbers of link evaluation tools, but in the end, it is important to do a thorough manual review in order to “audit” the tool’s output.
  • Indulge into documentation- Personally, I feel it is always a good idea to create a Google Drive account dedicatedly for the link cleanup campaign. It is useful to record all the details of your outreach campaign on a spreadsheet. You should include the Google Drive credentials in the reconsideration request. By doing so, you are giving Google the option of being able to look at all of the work on your spreadsheets. Also, it tells how much efforts were actually went into emailing.
  • Remove links through email outreach- It is a known fact that personalized emails are very effective and they don’t need any thought on the part of the recipient. Let your webmaster knows where links are actually positioned on the page, the anchor text and where it points. When you include all these details then you will be perceived as a human and thus, the webmaster can easily find and remove links. It has been found out some web masters are demanding payment for a link removal. Avoid it. You just need to simply document the demand for payment on your spreadsheet and then you can include all these websites in your Disavow file.
  • Now, use the Disavow Tool- You just log into Google Webmaster Tools and from their you would be required to go to the Disavow Tool to choose your domain. When you click on Disavow Links, a menu will be opened and you will be asked for a file containing the links which you want to disavow. The list will have such links which you cannot removed manually. Just upload the file and you’re done.
  • Reconsideration request (optional)- If you are facing a manual penalty then you will be required to file a reconsideration request. While filing your reconsideration request, you should considered below points-

-Be Specific

-Don’t hide anything.

-Accept responsibility and tell the reason why it will not happen again in future.

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    Great information…

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