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Ways to Improve Ecommerce Website Conversion Rate – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, December 15th, 2012

Businesses follow different marketing trends to educate people about the related product or services and encourage them to visit your site and get the needed information. SEO, Search, Engine Optimization is a powerful marketing tool that increases the number of visitors to a site by improving its ranking. Now, there comes the conversion rate that converts the number of visitors to the number of buyers. Higher the conversion rate, better it is for the business. There are lot many factors that come into role in improving the e-commerce conversion rate.

  • Focusing on activities that are found useful by customers. There are few of the activities that drive in more visitors and convert them into customers. There should be well established funnel that would track goals at various places to identify the loopholes. Each and every page should be checked out. The working pages should be optimized. The site should not offer any inconvenience to customers.
  • High quality content that acts as a guide. The content is one of the crucial entities to be checked. It helps users or readers in educating them about the product. The e-commerce has changed the way, people see around. Today, people research about the products before buying them. Thus, the high-quality content with products specification, reviews, images, etc should be well optimized to help the right information to be spread across the right audience. The Google’s recent updates, Panda and Penguin also throw light on the importance of content in the site. It lays negative effect on the site performing unfair means to rank high on SERPs. The content would encourage customers to visit your site to make a purchase. The elements on the pages should also be checked to improve conversion rates.
  • Customers’ Ease to contact the provider: Many a times, people have questions to ask, before buying the same. The site should offer easy accessibility of contacting the representative to help people get answer to their questions. There should be list of email address and contact numbers. The early response of the provider in regard to the customers’ queries is also important in earning goodwill.

In addition to it, videos posting for the product pages can be beneficial. The videos that display the working of the products can also boost conversion rate. There are several other tips for the promotion of website and increasing the conversion rate. The business owners should contact specialists or subject matter experts to get the best results.

One of the important SEO activities is to check conversion rate. It is the number of visitors converting into the number of customers. There are few of the ways that could be helpful in boosting the conversion rate. Focusing on activities that are found useful by customers, high quality content and easy accessibility of contacting the provider are few of the major ways to improve the eCommerce conversion rate.

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