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What is image marketing and how image marketing will impact business in 2013? – EBriks Infotech

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, December 7th, 2012

Image marketing is one of the growing marketing techniques that are expected to affect business in the coming year. It is because images have started capturing people’s interest. The research shows that page view increases, when articles and press releases are posted along with the image. The images hold importance even on social media sites.

There are different new marketing trends coming up to advertise products or services such that customers can become aware of specific brand. These new trends have emerged to make it easy for customers to gather information about the product or services. Even search engines, like Google is also reforming its ranking algorithms to do best for the customers. One of these new trends that would affect business in coming year, 2013 is ‘Image Marketing’.

Image marketing is a technique of conveying message to people in form of images. The business logo or the name that is shown in colourful phrase well describe your businesses and should also convey the same message to its viewers.  The logo chosen should be a memorable image such that it can easily be recognized by public. Just as online recognition uses keywords to target website, image marketing uses images to increase online visibility for a website.

It holds importance even in content marketing. When the images are posted along with articles, they boost the content’s page view. The research shows that images posted along with the content have higher page view as compared to those without the images. The most important aspect that one should keep in mind is to choose relevant image and use search-optimized captions. One can also add different multimedia elements to press releases to improve the page views.

Even the social media networking sites lay emphasis on high quality photos in content. Pinterest, the major social media site is all about images. With more page views, the site shows the good bonding of using high quality images in web content.  Facebook has also started laying emphasis on bigger photos. The changed timeline and huge cover photos are used to draw users’ attention. According to the survey conducted, photos also lead to social engagement. The high percentage of user engagement is to the posts with photos in it.

At the same time, the use of image in local searches grabs users’ attention. Many businesses have started using high quality photos instead of logos to increase their visibility on internet. The Image marketing is also deemed to be helpful in e-commerce, as customers value products with images. Images play more important role as compared to product-specific information, description and reviews. Thus, adding image to the content matter a lot in different fields of marketing. It not only improves the visibility, but also attracts customers and causes engagement, the key marketing factor.


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