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What is the future of digital marketing?

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, December 12th, 2012

The web has empowered people with comfort and convenience, as they can communicate, surf information and trade at their ease. The advent of internet has brought along with it Digital marketing, a new form of marketing that businesses need to carry out in order to increase their brand awareness among online users. It cannot be denied that the use of internet is on surge and thus, the future of digital marketing is bright enough. However, the coming year, 2013 would come up with few changes in digital marketing trends. These changes, so called improvements are done to involve people in the buying process.

The increased use of social media networking site is one of the best example of consumers participating actively in their areas of interest. The power of Twitter and Facebook cannot be denied, when it comes to branding. These sites are now used as business tool and have becomes the customer platform, where they can talk about different industries and their experience, whether good or bad. The traditional marketing techniques neither generated instant response nor had potential to involve customers.

The coming year is word-of-mouth marketing that has become powerful and more relevant. It does not hit people in the market randomly, whereas the changing trends have worked out to spread the right message to the right audience in the right way. People now use online tools to share their thoughts and thus, have become less dependent on their peers for recommendation. They can carry out research and can know about various options available for them.

Industries should find out the place where people are talking about them and then, listen to what they are saying and then, become a part of conversation. It is one of the crucial initiatives that need to be taken for the online success of businesses.

Digital marketing in 2013 would be much dependent on high quality content, as content is a king. There is a need to develop informative content that value to customers. The repetitive content that is keyword-rich does not hold any more importance. Even search engines, like Google has also come up with various changes in their search algorithm to rank sites containing good content.

Mobile marketing, video marketing, image marketing, etc are few of the other areas that are going to affect businesses in longer run. Developing mobile applications and mobile compatible websites can be helpful in numerous ways. Posting of video or image still has lot of potential in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is one of the growing areas that is expected to have a lot of potential for online users. There are several new trends brought about in this form of marketing to help user to the extent possible. Content marketing, video marketing, image marketing, etc have emerged to enhance online visibility. Social media sites are also doing wonderful job by offering customers the platform to interact.


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