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What to do if your website been hit by Google Panda Update?

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, April 30th, 2013



Google Panda is one of the major update that affected the ranking of numerous websites on search result pages. All those who have been penalized should make the needed changes, after a thorough analysis to improve upon the ranking.

Google keeps on launching new updates in order to help searchers to the extent possible. One of the recent updates that hit numerous sites is Google Panda update. It encouraged sites with high quality content, while at the same time, penalized poor quality sites that gained top ranking. These sites were those that have low-value add for users or have copied content, whereas the sites with original and informative content with in-depth reports and thoughtful analysis gained good ranking. In order to save sites from “collateral damage”, Google asked high quality sites that have been negatively affected to let them know it.

In order to define low quality site, Google would have considered various factors, such as low quality or duplicated content, high amount of irrelevant adverts, over optimization, irrelevant page content, high bounce rate, low visit time, low quality inbound links to a site, low click-through-rates, etc.

Panda can said to be an algo change that works like penalty. The results of an algo change can be regained, once the change is made. However, it affects the whole site. Panda updates hit different pages of the site to different extent. Likewise, panda also affected the sites at different keyword level.

Let’s learn what to do, if the site has been hit by Google Panda:

  1. Find the pages and page types that have hit worst on the site.
  2. Identify the difference between those that hit and those that didn’t.
  3. Make changes in the pages that have been hit with caution. A thorough analysis is very much needed.
  4. Categorize pages on the site on different types. For example, low quality page, quality category, forum, articles, etc, before analyzing.
  5. The separate column for relevant factors, like lots of ads, some dupe, little content, drop in Google US organic visit, etc should made.
  6. Improve upon the low quality pages of the site.
  7. If there is any duplicate or copied content, replace it with original quality content.
  8. The pages that contain dupe content should either be removed or blocked from Google with robot.txt file.
  9. The adding of rel-canonical tags on dupe pages can also stop Google from visiting those pages.
  10. The over optimized pages should be edited.
  11. The things that enhance users’ experience should be taken up, as these new updates focuses a lot on user interface.
  12. Content language should be made more accessible.
  13. The images, videos, attractive text, etc should be included from users’ point of view.
  14. The content should be promoted using social media.
  15. Build the brand awareness across the web.


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