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Why Does The Feedback Gap Matter a Lot?

Posted by : Jitendra Singh, May 2nd, 2013

It is very important to give a constructive feedback to employees in order to help them perform better. At the same time, employees should also take feedback as learning opportunities to help them grow. Any misunderstanding or lack of communication could lead to feedback gap.

Feedback is an essential form of communication that should be delivered in a proper and effective manner in order to make the organization grow. The feedback should be given after a thorough analysis and at the same time, should be positively accepted at other end. Providing honest feedback is one of the fundamental elements to manage people. Managers who dislike giving feedback generally decreases it effectiveness.

The lack of communication or analysis, poor feedback may lead to Even employees should also accept the same seriously with the aim to improve. Proper feedback on regular basis can help people to make their job better. The research shows that only around half of the employees felt that their managers described their performance. Only few employees felt that managers measured their performance on behalf of standards communicated to them. Very few out of them have courage to speak on their strengths. Very few managers were good in helping them solve a problem, if there is any obstacle in their performance.

Another important conclusion that has been brought to light is that if performance is managed well, employees are likely to commit additional efforts to their work. Such outcomes generally have positive impact on the bottom line. The employees, who put in extra efforts in their work, generally have clear link between their communication and motivation with their line manager. Honest and straight forward feedback is expected to bring in good results.

There are various managerial strategies that managers should adopt in order to close the feedback gap, else they might leave employees demotivated. Mangers should learn about various ways to give feedback in order to encourage employees to perform. A constructive feedback should impart clear message and allow employees to address their strength and weakness. The feedback offered should make employees feel that they can address their issues and they should get the needs support.

Poor feedback can create a vacuum of meaningful exchange, so called, feedback gap. A manager should have concrete guidelines to narrow the feedback such that it can be accepted by an employee. It should be taken as learning opportunity rather a chance to blame each other.

Feedback gap can be caused either due to manger’s lack of experience or employees and managers attitude. Many employees who react defensibly to their negative feedbacks should also improve upon their attitude and take the initiative to reduce the feedback gap.


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