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PPC Drives 39% Lift in Search-Driven Sales Numbers

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"Over the years of our engagement, EBriks met our expectations at every step of the way, demonstrating superior thought leadership, expertise, innovation and best practices. We look forward to keeping EBriks as one of our trusted partners moving forward."

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  • 200%

    New Visitors

  • 14%

    Incremental Conversion Ration

  • 212%

    Revenue Increment


Working closely with Google and the client’s in-house analytics team, EBriks set out to devise a test that would prove the value of PPC for this online apparel retailer.

Achievements / Results

  • In addition, paid search delivered:
    • 11% of all site traffic
    • 13% of all product revenue
    • 13% of all new visitors
  • Google paid search outperformed all leading traffic sources during the test. It delivered a better conversion rate, higher per visit value, and a lower bounce rate than Google organic, direct, or Yahoo!
  • The test campaign generated $650K in incremental revenue, putting annual incremental revenue projections at approximately $35M.
  • Mission accomplished: The test far exceeded the client’s expectations of a 25% lift in revenue, ensured that funding for paid search would continue, and even opened the door for conversations about a self-funding, goal-based model for future campaigns.
  • 39% of paid search revenue is incremental
  • 40% of paid search visits are incremental
  • 20% of paid search new visitors are incremental

Work Challenge

In 2012, this prominent online retailer wanted to get more concrete and granular with their profit measurement to enable performance-based budget allocations. Specifically, they wanted to be able to accurately measure the incremental value of paid search.

EBriks Strategy / Approach

  • The team identified a consecutive four week test period with no holiday, seasonal, promotional, day-of-the-week, or cross-channel elements. The test was limited to U.K. traffic only.
  • Keeping all creative and other campaign variables consistent, we scheduled the campaign to alternate between on and off states during the test period.
  • Account performance was analyzed by traffic source each week. Key metrics were defined as:
  • Product Revenue (excluding tax and shipping)
  • Site visits (used to calculate incrementality)
  • Per Visit Value
  • Conversion Rate
  • In addition, we also looked at average order value, new visitors, return on advertising spend, and bounce rate.
  • As part of an integrated team, we verified and validated all data, ensuring the highest level of detail and accuracy.

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