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Android Applications

Android applications especially designed for Smartphone to give users an easy access to play games, surf and gather information. They can be used successfully to connect, inform, build loyalty and generate business.

What is Android?

Android is a new mobile operating system that uses a modified version of Linux kernel. It allows developers to write managed code in Java language. The devices are controlled by Google developed Java libraries, allowing even development of third party applications.

What are special Android features?

  • Smart virtual keypad
  • Video recording and sharing
  • Voice search
  • Picasa image uploading
  • Home screen customizable with widgets
  • Faster and standard compliant browser
  • Live folders for quickly viewing data

Why should I care about UI in Android apps?

Better UI leads to perceived quality that is the demand of today’s generation. It then, results in better rating and better application ranking that ultimately brings in more purchases and downloads.

What are few don’t to ponder over while designing Android apps?

  • Don’t overuse model progress and confirmation dialogues.
  • Don’t port UI from other platforms to make user feel at their home with your application in their mobiles. Must to maintain balance between brand and platform look.
  • Don’t use px units, create sp or dp for text.
  • Don’t use small font size.
  • Don’t create rigid layouts.

What do’s should looked at?

  • Do make large tap targets, buttons, item list, etc
  • Do use theme, colour, style, dimension to reduce redundancy
  • Do use proper margins and padding
  • Do properly manage the activity stack
  • Do support trackball navigation
  • Do create different version of resources for high density screens
  • Do properly handle orientation changes

What are the principles of good interface design?

  • Focus on the user: It is important to know about age, skills and interest of users. What do they want to do with your application? What kind of devices would they choose to use on? Design application with ‘user-first’ mentality and test on real users.
  • Be fault tolerant: Disable UI elements, when inappropriate. Limit the number of irreversible actions and prefer to have ‘undo’ to confirmation dialogue.
  • Make right things visible: The most common operation should be immediately available and visible.
  • Be predictable: Do what the user expect. It is advisable to interact with activity stack and show information and action that user want to see. The actions that could be clicked should appear clickable.

What design considerations should be looked at?

  • Screen size
  • Screen density
  • Primary UI interaction methods
  • Soft and physical keyboard
  • Portrait and landscape orientation

What are the benefits of android applications for businesses?

  • Build loyalty and relationships
  • Strengthen the brand
  • Increase visibility and accessibility
  • Offer solution to the problem of being stuck in spam
  •  Connect with on the go consumers
  • Improve social networking strategies
  • Generate repeat business
  • Increase exposure

What are the benefits of Android applications for consumers?

  • Easy access to inventory
  • Fast seamless appointment schedule
  • Direction to your location
  • One touch access to contact information
  • Notification of special events and more
  • Embedded QR code scanner
  • Free chat

How is a Mobile App better than the Mobile Web?

Mobile applications work much faster without bringing in loading problems for the users. Websites take time to load. Mobile apps can function offline while mobile web cannot. These applications are always visible on phone screen and are easily available in application stores.

What tools are needed for android application development?

Android SDK comprise of a wide variety of tools that could be used to develop mobile applications for android platform. There are platform tools that can be customizes to support features of android platform. There are SDK tools that are needed, regardless of the android platform you are working on.

Why should you hire EBriks?

EBriks has a team of professionals designing in quality Android applications, after optimizing the design that could meet users’ expectations. Our experts are experienced enough to create a customized application that would help you build loyalty and brand among you fan base. We first analyse business objective and then, conceptualize mobile application, creating the application flow along with developing and deploying the same, depending upon the requirements. We assure you of robust integration of these applications in your digital marketing strategies for better ROI.

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