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Digital Media Planning & Buying

Digital media planning and buying is a holistic approach to integrate all advertising channels and measure their results along with cross channel influence, both offline and online. It focuses on reaching the right audience with the right message.

What all Activities Are Taken into Consideration with Media Planning and Buying?

The most important point to consider with media planning and buying is how, when and where to reach customers with the aim for higher ROI. It requires talent to identify platform-agnostic synergies across all channels, owned, paid and earned. In addition, it also takes into consideration various measures that are taken to integrate media planning with creative processes and optimizing digital marketing mix. The attributions models are also developed to measure return over spends.

Which is better option:
Shouting over the crowd or targeting individual with intent of purchase?

EBriks believes in targeting individuals through various channels. It is the key to successful online media planning. We look at targeting right people with the right message at the right time.   We combine search engine marketing techniques with display media such that it helps in advising clients on right budget allocation and at the same time, help in achieving best ROI. When taken up as an integrated approach, digital media planning helps in editing, adding or cancelling a campaign for suitable results.

What are important practices for digital media planning?

  • Know your clients: In order to identify clients, it is important to look at all the related parameters, such as what are business needs, what is the level of understanding, what are their expectations, etc. Who are the people to be targeted, what you know about them, should also be considered to identify target consumers
  • Define your campaign objectives: Identify key metrics such as visitors, leads, page reviews and CPA. Establish baseline metrics and define expected result from the campaign.
  • Choose the right approach: Companies can either have in-house teams to carry out marketing campaigns or can hire agencies to design in various marketing strategies and implement them.

What campaign and creative logistics should be looked at?

  • Identify which campaign formats (CPM, CPC, CPA) suits business needs.
  • Identify which creative format (Images, Text, Video, etc) best communicate business message.
  • Identify the right size of ad that would be effective.

Under what conditions should you look for a digital media planning agency?

  • Building in-house expertise
  • Looking for fresh ideas
  • Dealing with large campaigns
  • Pitching new business

What are change driver shifting controls in ad industry?

  • Attention
  • Creativity
  • Measurement
  • Advertising Inventories

How can EBriks assist in digital media planning and buying?

EBriks, with their experience and knowledge in digital marketing and advertising industry, works hard to produce desirable ROI for its customers. We try our best to develop balanced attribution models that could be used to measure ROI of media dollar spent. Keeping a strict control over optimization of media spent, we focus at driving results, via ongoing insights, campaign forecasting and flexible reporting.

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