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Dynamic Website Services

A website is considered to be successful when it is in par with the activities in your organization or business .A dynamic website solution will help you to keep your content updated by yourself when you require in order staying in touch with the audience with your latest services and products. At EBriks, we offer you a highly unique and flexible solution that can meet all your expectations.

EBriks Approach

  • You can now keep your website active and updated under your control with the help of dynamic website by EBriks
  • Our EBriks expert team will provide you with automated navigation control that can help you in easy navigation in your website.
  • Our Experts in EBriks can take care of any kind of developmental and maintenance needs for your website.
  • EBriks help desk is available is available 24/7 to satisfy all your needs and requirements regarding web designing.
  • Our EBriks expert team are specialised in compatible designs, content writing and marketing for the success of your dynamic website
  • We provide you with a domain name of your interest ( .com, .net, .us, .ca, .uk, .au. in,  etc.)

Dynamic Website Design

An ideal web design is a very crucial part for the success of any design. Your website creates a first impression about your services, products and brand in the mind of the audience. Hence we at EBriks ensure that your dynamic website design is appealing, unique and simple with good colours that can attract the attention of the audience.


The major advantage of a dynamic website design is that you can change your content when you need to update any data about your services and products. Hence we at EBriks ensure that you are provided with easy navigation options that can make your job quicker.


Development is another essential part of a dynamic website. Our expert team at EBriks are well experienced in development and programming who can work on various modes such as .net , java and PHP as per your needs and requirements. We have experienced professional in every program who can provide you with an elegant dynamic website.

Strategic Management

A proper strategic management is very essential to ensure that dynamic web design relates to your business and its services. A good co relationship should exist in order to reach the target audience. Hence we at EBriks ensure that we provide relative web design based on your business and services.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between a “static” and a “dynamic” website?

Static websites as the name suggests carry “static” information. In other words, the information mentioned in these websites never change. The website owner has to introduce new information from time to time. The server needs to be updated for such websites. The disadvantage of such a website is it will provide same information to all users irrespective of their needs.

The same is for Dynamic websites. The information in these websites will change according to the visitors. It will show the targeted information when enquired by the visitors. Every user has a different requirement. Hence, the dynamic website will not display the same information to all users.

Do I need a dynamic website for my business?

Dynamic websites are user targeted websites. In other words, these provide information according to the user needs. If you want your website to provide new information or different information to different users, then your website must be dynamic in nature. If you are competing with other websites, then to be ranked higher in the search engines, your website needs to be dynamic. Search engines are always in search for new content. If you can afford to update to keep your server editing on a regular basis, then your website can also be a static one. But to sustain the competitive world online, you have to make a dynamic website. People prefer to read new information every time they visit a website instead of reading the same old information again and again.

Checklist to decide whether to go with static or dynamic website?

Here are few guidelines before making a website for your business. Type of website always depends upon the type of business presentation and product to be promoted. Go for a dynamic business when you are planning to start a new product without branding or a little branding. Go for a static website when your product has become well known or has obtained an established trade name. The freshness and longevity of the content that a website offers is more important than a dynamic website. But it is often advisable to make a website of both dynamic and static nature for better business outcomes.


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  • "In just a matter of few months we are now ranking on page one of Google for two of our keywords. The progress we’ve seen whilst working with EBriks is extremely impressive."

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