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ERP Development Services

ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, is business management software that helps companies in using integrated applications to manage the business. The remarkable aspect of this system is that it integrates different types of business operations. Looking into the need of accuracy and efficiency in an organization, such software is deemed to be lot helpful to lay down the foundation of future growth. It improves upon the productivity and saves costs.

Features of ERP Software

  • It is a common database that supports all applications.
  • It is an integrated system that runs in real time, without depending upon periodic updates.
  • Uniformity across all modules.
  • Installing system without application or data integration, subject to the condition that implementation is done in small steps.

ERP Software Modules

Depending upon the needs and technical capabilities of the organization, there are numerous of ERP software module available that could be purchased, as desired. These modules are designed after understanding different business processes. A few of the common ones are marketing, accounting, HR, product planning, inventory control, etc. With the growing ERP methodology, various software applications have emerged to assist business managers in different business activities. These modules can even be integrated with CRM and business intelligence and can be used as a single package. The main aim of this software is to provide centralization to the entire information to ensure smooth flow of data across various departments.

Common mistakes that should be avoided for successful ERP implementation

  • It is important to foresee the company’s activities in next 3 years. Long term goals of the company should be taken into consideration.
  • Excessive business process re-engineering. There should be balance between system modification and re-engineering done in business processes.
  • Incorrect evaluation of the fiscal efficiency of the ERP system implementation. The company should analyze the economic effectiveness of each element.

What are tangible and intangible benefits of ERP?

Tangible benefits are those that have monetary benefits while intangible benefits are those that cannot be measured in monetary terms, but affect the business significantly.

Tangible benefits:

  • Reduces paper and postage cost.
  • Reduces cost of products and services
  • Improves upon lead time
  • Improves upon productivity of process and personnel.
  • Fast product or service look-up and ordering, which ultimately saves time and money.
  • Automatic ordering and payment to lower down payment processing and paper costs.

Intangible benefits:

  • Improves customer response
  • Helps in strategic planning
  • Saves both time and efforts
  • Increases organizational transparency
  • Improves accuracy and speed for data access, helping in timely decision.
  • Helps in uniform reporting
  • Controls mis-utilization of resources

What is the role of ERP in improving an organization’s performance?

The most remarkable point about ERP application that makes it a valuable addition to organization is the ability to share updated and accurate information across different functions. Before the application was launched, the manual process of sharing information was tedious enough and prone to errors. Any information entered into ERP application is made available to all departments within fractions of second. Thus, it helps organization to get single view of demand and supply. People need not have to go back into inventory and track the records. It helps in understanding the needs and demands of the customers better. The information can also be analyzed to forecast future demands. It reduces overall cost, lead time along with improved customer satisfaction. The easy accessibility has no doubt been valuable to improve the overall performance of the organization. It also permits customers the web based access to track down their status.

What ERP entails?

Gathering requirement is the foremost step of every project or task. Likewise, ERP development requires immense planning, support and coordination.  Secondly, it is important to enter accurate information in the system; else the application would not give accurate result. Thirdly, employees must be well aware of and satisfied with organization’s processes. Employees resisting best practices would lead to poor ROI. It brings information before people instantly, making top management active enough to respond to people’s queries. Thus, there is a need of comprehensive communication and training to reap the benefits of ERP.

How can EBriks help you in ERP development?

EBriks Infotech specializes in ERP software development, focuses on developing high quality solutions for various organizations. It is complex software that needs to be deeply incorporated in the business process of an organization.

EBriks promises to deliver the best services with following assured aspects.

  • Robust:
    It well integrates business data and process, converting it into unified system.
  • Tailor-made:
    Customized software helps you meet the exact demands of the organization.
  • Safe and secure:
    There is a strong protection mechanism involved to avoid misuse of the information.
  • Reliable:
    The data storage, back up mechanism and processing are all check from reliability point of view to ensure that no lose loss of information occur due to hardware failure.
  • Easy-to-use:
    The user-interface is simple and perceptive interface for easy use.
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