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Facebook Applications

Facebook is the most popular social media networking site that helps people to interact and discuss about various products and services. Taking advantage of its growing popularity, marketers have taken it up as an effective marketing platform. Facebook applications have further turned out to be added advantage for businesses that could now use the same for creating brand image and establish online presence.

Benefits of Facebook Applications

  • Advertising: Facebook has millions of users. Thus, designing an application would create brand image and help people know about your product or service.
  • Target Potential Clients: It attracts customers that have positive impact on business revenue. It gives businesses more and more opportunity to interact with people at large.
  • Increase Web Traffic: It increases web traffic by bringing more customers to your website and building brand reputation.
  • Communication: It encourages communication with clients, using chat features.

How are Facebook apps helpful for growth of business?

  • It enhances online presence
  • It builds credibility
  • It is a cost-effective marketing
  • It builds community
  • It helps you engage with your target market

What are main stages of application development lifecycle?

  1. Build apps using Facebook SDKs for all major platforms. It allows businesses as well as people to take benefits of various Facebook social features.
  2. Distribute Apps for higher visibility
  3. Promote apps to increase the number of people and focus on advertising campaign, targeting specific segment of people.

What tools do Facebook offers to developers?

  • Social Plug-in: Like, recommend, etc buttons to help people interact.
  • Facebook login: Logging in to application, helping them to access their personal information.
  • Graph API: It is the core of Facebook application. It helps you post stories, read data and query relationship.
  • Open Graph: It lets you application use Facebook to tell stories
  • Android, Java script, PHP SDKs: To help developers use tools to develop applications.
  • Games and Canvas: Help you develop social games

There are many more tools that could be used, as per the demand of the situation.

What are main Facebook products that help you discover apps?

  • Newsfeed
  • Timeline
  • Apps centre

What options do Facebook offer to promote an app?

  • Sponsored stories: It gets more people engaged.
  • Mobile app install Ads: It helps you advertise your application in newsfeed.
  • Device filtering: It determines the mobile devices used by people
  • Apps insight: It helps you monitor usage and performance of the application.
  • Pages: it helps you connect with people beyond fans and followers.

What tools can be used to learn the use of APIs?

Graph API Explorer, Java Script Test Console and Object Browser

What tools can be used to create, manage and test the application?

Apps Dashboard, insight Dashboard, Test Users, Developers Alerts, Beta Tiers

What tools could be used to promote the application?

Power Editor, Facebook Ad Manager, Action Spec Preview Tool

What tools are used for debugging?

Access Token Tool and Open Graph Debugger

How can I know, whether the application is performing or not?

Facebook offers you the analytics tool to help you know insights of your application. It helps you know how users are interacting with your application. Insights include referral traffic to your app, feedback for stream stories, active users count, demographics, etc. Insight Dashboard provide you with such information.

How can EBriks assist you in Facebook Application Development?

EBriks, with their expertise in the area, would help you develop customized applications that could cater to most of your needs, establishing online presence and building brand. We assist you in not only developing these applications, but also marketing the same for better ROI. We ensure to offer maximum assistance to our customers, right from concept development, implementation to launch and final analysis. In addition, the company keeps track of visitors, activities, performed, etc.

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