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iPhone Applications

Numerous software and applications that operate on these high technologies supported mobile phones, so called iPhone are believed to be useful both for personal as well as professional use. Designing interactive and interesting applications could be lot helpful in driving upon traffic and in turn, the customers. It has turned out to be an integral part of digital marketing strategy.

Why iphone applications?

The changing interest and lifestyle of people have made it important for companies to go mobile and reach out to the customers, designing iPhone applications that best fit in to their style. Iphone apps have gripped businesses such that everybody wants to be a part of iphone revolution. In order to spread message among people at large, build brand and establish stronger presence, business not only need to develop iphone applications, but get their business websites iphone optimized. It would be useful in reaching to a huge client base. Today, people rely on these applications, right from playing games, booking tickets to accessing bank details.

It has become a new platform for your businesses to give a new way of transacting business and establish wider presence. As iPhone is turning market leader in smartphone segment, it has been highly influential among students, executives, professionals and enthusiast.

What are different categories of iphone applications developed?

  • Business Applications
  • Health & Fitness Applications
  • Social Networking Applications
  • Education Applications
  • Book Applications
  • Lifestyle Applications
  • Entertainment Applications
  • Travel Applications
  • Navigation Applications
  • News Applications

What are the benefits of iphone application development?

  • It keeps you viral such that you could be recognized easily
  • It promotes brand
  • It engages prospects within your business strongly
  • It maximize your approach towards the niche
  • It connects you with high tech minded people
  • It is a cost-effective marketing tool

How are Iphone application developed?

These applications are built using technologies from apple: Cocoa Framework, Objective C and various other tools that are supplied by Apple to develop, test and distribute.

Who submit application to application store?

EBriks helps its customers to submit these apps, either from their account or from Ebriks’ account, as desired. In case of paid applications, customers’ accounts are used for submission.

What happen after the application is submitted to the store for review?

Apple reviews the application and approves it or rejects it. It may take around 7 to 28 days for the result to appear. Sometime, Apple may also come back for more information. Though apple review policies are not known, but yes, they check for bugs, copyright infringement, explicit material, etc. Generally the applications that do not violate copyright rules and are straight forward are easily approved.

What does apple charge for submitting the application?

Apple charges nothing for application submission. Instead, there is one time fee of $99 for opening an account with Apple app store and any number of apps can be uploaded using this account. There is no recurring fee for hosting these applications. In case of paid applications, Apple get 30% of the amount while you get 70% of it, every time it is downloaded.

How do I distribute my application?

Once the application is submitted, it is sent for review and approval by Apple.  After being approved, it starts appearing on iTune and can be downloaded from there. The link for the same could be shared with friends and can be shared across various social media sites.

How can I Check, if my idea is already there in Application store?

Search the application in application store with the help of the most suitable keyword that could relate to the idea. If it already exists, your idea can be bit manipulated and presented in a better manner. EBriks assists its customers on these grounds to help them develop better apps.

How do I know how many times my application is downloaded?

Apple provides you monthly, weekly and daily reports. They give you detailed insight of the location, date and time of application downloaded.

In what cases do application gets disapprove?

Apple rejects application, generally in case of bugs, explicit adult content, use of unpublished APIs and try to recreate iPhone functionality. Apple is not consistent in its approval policies.

How can EBriks help in developing and marketing apps?

EBriks has a team of experts, who are exclusively looking into the area to develop high tech applications that could meet your expectation and could bring something interactive and interesting for users. Apart from designing, we also assist our clients in marketing the same, after creating right marketing strategy around an application. We assure you to make your idea go viral, incorporate marketing elements that could help you generate direct or indirect business. In addition, we also look into integrating application with your existing website to strengthen distribution mechanism.

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