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Measurement and Tracking Services

It is very essential to measure, track and analyse your traffic, content and goals at regular intervals to know about the growth of your business. Measurement and tracking services can help you to access the growth and development of your business over a period of time. Hence we at EBriks provide you with various measurement and tracking services like traffic source analysis, visitor behaviour analysis and content analysis.

Services Offered At EBriks

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Detailed analysis
  • Monthly reports
  • Advice on improvement strategies based on analysis
  • Affordable rates
  • 100% result oriented measurement and tracking software

Why Is It Important?

Measurement and tracking is very important to access the success or failure of your business online. Our expert team at EBriks will provide you with a detailed report on the content, traffic and conversions in your website. This will help you to determine the right campaigns and programs that provide you with desirable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Measurement and Tracking Services?

Measurement and tracking services include techniques adopted to measure the result of any activity carried out. In case of SEO, PPC or marketing campaign, measurement and tracking consists of online traffic, conversion rate and achievement of goals. EBriks Infotech offers you various measurement and tracking services, including traffic analysis, content analysis, conversion rate, visitor behaviour analysis, etc, via data about ranking, referrals, links etc.

Why Measurement and Tracking Services are Important for your business?

Measurement and tracking services are important, as they directly measure the growth of business or online exposure that the company gets. It is must to know how campaigns or marketing tactics are performing. It is only after the measurement of results of certain activity, a person can decide upon development plans to be carried out in future. It shall always be kept in mind that measurement is crucial for success. It could be used to design road map. More important is to know what to measure. Ebriks Infotech not only helps you in measuring the results, but also helps you determine the right parameters to measure the growth. It puts you in better position to manage performance.

Why should you hire Measurement and Tracking Services Company?

When you hire measurement and tracking Service Company, you could leave your marketing tactics in hands of specialist who with the help of his or her expertise and experience would give you the right suggestion to help your business grow. Secondly, it would help you focus exclusively on core business. SEO specialists would have a deep insight into the strategy adopted and would help you in designing robust plans for future. The specialist would give you detailed analyses of direct navigation, referral traffic and search traffic along with improvement statistics over a period of time. EBriks Infotech assists you upon following activities:

  • Measurement and tracking activities
  • Deciding what to measure
  • Setting targets for business growth
  • Measurement and customers
  • Measurement of financial performance

Why you can't Ignore Measurement and Tracking Services?

Measurement and tracking is crucial to get the valuable data that could help you manage online success, which can then be used to meet business goals, such as attracting new customers, retaining the existing ones, improving online visibility, etc. On basis of the data collected, it is easy to make changes or improvements in strategies and techniques. Analysis carried out at various steps helps you decide upon the loopholes such that they could be fixed with ease. Most important of all, is that it allows you to know what is working and what is not.

Ebirks helps you understand different aspects of online activities and offer you detailed insights into the effectiveness of ongoing online campaign or marketing tactics. The data collected could be used to discover new opportunities and understand your audience.

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  • "In just a matter of few months we are now ranking on page one of Google for two of our keywords. The progress we’ve seen whilst working with EBriks is extremely impressive."

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