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Facebook PPC Advertising Services

PPC, Pay Per Click is a paid advertising technique that helps business in targeting right audience. Facebook, a social media networking site, being used as a marketing tool gives opportunity to businesses to target people by optimizing their information, such as age, gender, profile and likes with targeted ad campaigns. The profile information, likes, interests, etc of users are used by advertising platforms to market the right product or service to the network.

These ads are displayed to the right of the screen.

How is Facebook PPC compared to Google AdWords?

  • Facebook PPC is a young advertising platform, where the cost of a click is pretty lower.
  • It allows you to use attractive images
  • The policies of Facebook are bit more relaxed.
  • Ads are approved manually.
  • Sending visitors to Facebook page tracks the activity carried out by visitors. It includes users post, likes, photos, etc.
  • Sending visitors to website add analytic tracking to the outbound link. It helps in deciding upon the best demographic to target.

What are the changes Facebook is bringing in its advertising options and how will it affect advertisers?

Facebook is expected to cut out the number of advertising options with the aim to simplify platform’s advertising format. In order to make marketing simple, marketers would give their business goals to Facebook so that Facebook can give them the right combination of products. Over couple of months, all the ads on Facebook will have social context.

Few of the features that are quite popular among marketers would be removed to eliminate redundancies. It includes ‘Questions’ and ‘Online Offer’ ad format. Marketers would not have to make extra efforts to create sponsored stories, which would be merged into ad products to improve upon performance.

This change is seen by organizations as a welcoming change, as it is meant to avoid confusion for both consumers and advertisers. The message would be delivered to consumer in much powerful way.

On other hand, these changes are expected to reduce complexity that confuses users and improve upon their experience.

How can Facebook PPC advertising be used for business success?

  1. Build you Facebook page, keeping in mind that it would be useful for business growth, brand building and developing relationship. Choose right category, pick the company’s logo, and choose an appropriate cover photo, to promote your business presence on Facebook page. In addition, you can view insight details, edit page content, track new activities and respond to queries. Post should be short, visual and optimized.
  2. Connect with people: It is important to connect to target audience. You can also create your Facebook ads. Connect with people who are the right fit for your business using Facebook Ads. These paid ads are used to get more page likes, get new users, increase attendance and promote page posts. Setting up appropriate campaigns to each to right audience is also crucial.
  3. Engage Your Audience: In order to keep your audience interested, post quality content, promote posts, check insight, etc to keep them engaged as well track the growth. Friendly conversation is believed to be healthy for business growth.  Responds to friends’ queries to keep them engage.
  4. Influence Friends of Fans: make attempts to expand audience by encouraging interactions, running sponsored stories, measuring results, etc. Create events on your business page and ask visitors to join.

Why should I do Facebook PPC?

Facebook PPC helps you get ideas for new strategies. It brings in

  • Branding opportunities
  • Improved exposure
  • Targeting personal information
  • Social endorsements
  • Competitive insights

What important points should a marketer keep in mind while designing Facebook PPC advertising strategy?

  • Choose target keywords carefully.
  • Choose right images for campaign.
  • Don’t use any misleading information, such as trademarked images.
  • Keep a check on you CTR. Facebook does not allow ads with low CTR to run for long.
  • Have a catchy headline.
  • Closely monitor traffic to your advertising campaign.

How can EBriks help you in Facebook PPC advertising?

EBriks, the leaders in social media marketing has experience in designing robust social media strategy that could help you get the desired results in short time span. We also run various types of online campaign, including PPC campaigns to target right audience for a low cost. Keeping in mind that Facebook provides a new platform to businesses, we pick up attractive images for the ads, as they are believed to have high impact on conversion rate.

The expert professional would assist you in following ways:

  • Social media strategy planning
  • Social media profile management
  • Social engagement applications
  • Social media advertising
  • Social media background designing
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