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Linkedin PPC Advertising Services

LinkedIn is one of the most important social networking sites that are used for business networking. It is also one of the platforms to carry out paid advertising, called PPC advertising to drive in most click-through and leads. This business networking site proves to be lot helpful in driving traffic and building brand. Thus, marketing ads carried out on such sites helps in targeting people at high level.

A PPC ad on LinkedIn includes a photo, 25 character headline and 75 character description.

What all you need to do to run a LinkedIn ad?

In order to run a LinkedIn ad, you need to have LinkedIn account. You can go to LinkedIn ads link (that is present at the top of the page), where you can click on new ad campaign and create you ad. It is important to identify right audience by gender, age, geography, company size, job function, etc. The higher the parameters chose at this point, the lesser the number of people to be targeted. It is advisable to choose small number of parameter to make you ad visible among large population.

Click on the next step and specify whether you want pay per click or par per impression option. Enter bid value and daily value and then, submit the same to let it go live. Refine your ad copy over time for effective results.

What points shall a marketer keep in mind for successful LinkedIn PPC advertising?

  • Profile page should have a good description of company’s value with good background and appropriate links to the site.
  • Ad should point to your LinkedIn profile such that you could see the information of the person clicking on your ad.
  • Even the follow up email can be sent to increase the probability of converting every click into the lead.
  • Join various relevant groups on LinkedIn to connect to your potential customers.

Why Advertise on LinkedIn?

Advertising on LinkedIn would be helpful in targeting right person at right place and right time. Companies should take advantage of LinkedIn large network of over 200 million members. One can target right people based on their job function and skills. LinkedIn also allows marketers to target people on basis of seniority, even those belonging to top echelon. Moreover, people come to LinkedIn for business, updating their profile, developing network, writing recommendations and searching for jobs. This is the right time to put your message on the table to start on interaction.

How can LinkedIn advertising be fruitful for B2B marketers?

LinkedIn is the prospering social media platform for business networking, which can be taken advantage of by B2B marketers. The advertising on this platform can be taken up as opportunity for lead generation for various companies. LinkedIn has professionally focussed environment that convey business message effectively. Moreover, it allows marketers to target ads using B2B demographics, such as industry, job title, etc, instead of using their lifestyle interest, as in other social media sites.

What are the 5 crucial Steps for LinkedIn Ad Success?

  1. Make sure that a great ad copy is created with relevant images. LinkedIn ads could be used to promote company pages. Hence, it should be useful and clearly bring out the benefit of offer.
  2. Target your ad to right people. By choosing the number of parameters, one could target right audience. LinkedIn today brings out top-shared news for each industry to help marketers learn about right audience. Analyze your CTR and lead conversion rate using various tools and software.
  3. Test variations of campaign. Every campaign has daily budget, ads and targeting options. LinkedIn recommends marketers to create minimum three ads with different headlines, images and call-to-action. One could create maximum of 15 different ads for one campaign. Keep track of ads that are successful.
  4. Strategise your spending. LinkedIn ads are displayed at different rates at different times of the day. Likewise, there are various bidding options on the site that marketers should take care of.
  5. Analyze the performance. Understand the right metric to measure LinkedIn ad’s effectiveness. Measure CTR, leads, etc to know whether the certain activity is working or not.

How can EBriks help businesses through LinkedIn PPC advertising?

Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn is more about business networking. It has business oriented approach that makes it an important ground for PPC advertising. EBriks Infotech integrates LinkedIn advertising into your digital marketing strategy to bring profitable returns from time to time. We ensure targeting right people at right place and at right time, exploring various business opportunities, such as lead generation and improving upon the conversion rate.  EBriks experts use their expertise to target right demographic to increase overall ROI as well as maintain your online profile for successful digital marketing campaigns.

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