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Pay Per Click Management (PPC) Services

For any kind of website traffic is a very essential factor for its success. Hence we at EBriks help you to increase your traffic and leads with the help of pay per click advertising strategies. We help you in setting up campaigns, increasing your traffic and ROI with result oriented plans and programs that provide you with good profit.

What is pay per click management?

Pay per click management is the best way to get your business listed in the top search engine rankings. They can help you drive organic traffic into your website if you provide advertisements on the first page result.PPC can help you to gain popularity and promote your business at the same time to the target audience.

Services offered at EBriks

Why should you choose our services?

  • 24/7 management of your ads online
  • Affordable PPC services
  • Online campaign management services
  • Efficient advertising strategies
  • Custom made solutions for every client

How do we promote your services?

Pay per click is considered as the best tool to promote and advertise your services and products online. We help you to create advertisements about your business and popularise it among the target customers. We at EBriks provide advertisements in Google ad sense that can help to increase your visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you hire a PPC Management Company?

Experience and expertise speaks. PPC Management Company, like Ebriks focuses exclusively on PPC. With the expert knowledge on recent changes in technologies, we employ latest trends and techniques efficiently to give your business robust foundation. Running a well organized PPC campaign with reduced CPC, the experts would help you increasing paid traffic, sales and lead, thus improving upon overall ROI. Ebriks help you setting up online campaign and managing the same to bring maximum profit.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC, Pay Per Click advertising is paid advertising technique commonly used on search engine. It is the best way to get your business listed on top of search engine result pages. PPC is useful in earning online popularity, targeting audience and helping business drive quality traffic to website. In this advertising means, a marketer is charged only when somebody clicks on the ad.

What's the difference between Pay Per Click and Organic Search Engine Optimization?

SEO helps you get first position if website is optimized while PPC helps you get your ad on first page by paying higher
SEO traffic is free and PPC is paid. SEO cost is indirect. You may have to pay for SEO services, but not to search engine.
SEO traffic is consistent as long as you hold good ranking. PPC ads get more clicks, as long as you pay.
The conversion rate of SEO traffic is low, as compared to PPC traffic. Conversion rate for highly optimized keywords is high.
Both these techniques need knowledge and experience to work.

Is there a minimum amount I have to pay per click?

Google Minimum Bid = $0.01/ Microsoft AdCenter = $0.05

How I will measure the results from PPC?

PPC results can be measured with the help of Google Adword dashboard, from where companies run PPC. This dashboard has numerous of reporting features that help in analyzing traffic and ranking. Ebriks maintains these reports for the customers so that they can check out the success and growth. We help our customers in carrying out the complete analysis to measure the results effectively.

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  • "In just a matter of few months we are now ranking on page one of Google for two of our keywords. The progress we’ve seen whilst working with EBriks is extremely impressive."

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