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Bing and Yahoo PPC Advertising Services

The Yahoo Bing Network holds for one third of searches that make it important for marketers to carry out advertising on these search engines too. Though Google still dominates the industry, but the importance of Bing and Yahoo PPC Advertising could not be ignored for higher ROI. Professional search marketers target maximum audience through all means. Hence, Yahoo Bing Network hold important place in their list of advertising channels. 

Bing Yahoo Network represents highly engaged and valuable audience that help you grow your business. It is must-buy for search marketers in search of new customers.

How is Bing Ads different from AdWords?

Auto Tagging: The tagging process is automatic with Google AdWords while with Bing and Yahoo, it is to be done manually.

Language Targeting: Bing Ads has 6 language options while with Google AdWords, marketer gets more than 40 language options for targeting campaign.

Time targeting: Bing Ads allow marketers to choose a clock of 5 hour interval for targeting. On other hand, with Google AdWords, one can select specific hours.

Real Time Reporting: Google AdWords allows real time reporting while there is 2-6 hours lag with Bing Ads reporting.

Conversion Rate Reporting: Google AdWords allow immediate conversion rate across all levels, while with Bing Ads, an advertiser has to analyze conversion rate at the campaign or keyword level.

View Limit for Ads/keyword: Bing Ads limits the number of ads/keywords at account level. Marketers need to download full report to identify top ads or keywords in the campaign. Google AdWords does not have any such limitation.

What things should be looked at while starting with Bing Yahoo PPC advertising?

  • Ad Location
  • Budgeting options
  • Ad Text
  • Negative keywords
  • Targeting options
  • Quality score

What are advantages of using Bing and Yahoo PPC Advertising?

Though businesses get more traffic from Google PPC advertising, but Bing and Yahoo PPC advertising has higher conversion rate and low cost per conversion that makes it easier and less expensive to make your ad  perform outstandingly. Thus, Bing PPC advertising improves upon ROI and is deemed to be lot helpful in various ways.

What are the opportunities for marketers on Yahoo Bing Network?

The most important opportunities for Yahoo Bing Network users is that many of the features are available not only at campaign level but also at Ad group level. It allows marketers to take advantage of day parting. Bing’s new ad rotation setting can be applied at ad group level.

Microsoft is well known for good customer service and their active participation on social media sites, many a time; they are highly responsive to advertisers’ requests.

The research shows that if you are targeting people through one search engine, you are missing out millions.

What new features have been updated in Bing Ad?

  • New click-type column added in ad extension reports. It helps marketers compare performance difference of Ad title and Sitelink click type.
  • Keyword distribution graph: It helps marketers check out granular details about keyword performance to decide upon the keywords that are working. A marketer can also compare different performance metrics.
  • Updated Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tool: It helps marketers see ad preview without any affect on clicks or impressions.

What tips should be used to achieve mobile search success on Yahoo Bing Network?

  1. Decide upon mobile campaign strategy. A marketer can either target all devices from a single campaign or can create unique campaigns for different operating systems, each with its own advantages.
  2. Landing pages should be optimized for mobile devices to help users in easy navigation.
  3. Let your ads be competitive enough to claim for top two positions.

How can EBirks assist you in Bing and Yahoo PPC advertising?

Ebriks, leaders in offering IT solutions, promises its clients for delivering better visibility and additional insights to connect to significant and high value audience. Looking into the importance of Bing Yahoo PPC Advertising for lower CPC and CPM, along with less competition for ad position, we make efforts to take it over as an opportunity to maximize search results and increase revenue. Because of less competition on these sites, the probability of ads getting more clicks is high, which means a better chance for adverts. Our experts target the ad professional such that it is displayed at right place to the right person.

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  • "In just a matter of few months we are now ranking on page one of Google for two of our keywords. The progress we’ve seen whilst working with EBriks is extremely impressive."

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