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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a non-interrupting marketing technique that consists of creating valuable and relevant content and distributing it to target audience with the aim of driving profitable customer action. It focuses more on delivering information, rather than pitching a particular product or service. This marketing technique is needed for lead nurturing, lead scoring and demonstrating leadership.

Content marketing is not just about writing relevant content, but it also includes:

  • Creating persuasive content
  • Choosing the appropriate mediums for sharing of content
  • Making sure that the content is easy for others to discover and share
  • Delivering content to the most relevant audience using personalization, segmentation, and dynamic messaging

What are Content Marketing Activities?

Blogs, E-books, Podcasts, Webinars, Articles, Infographics, Video, Visual note-taking, Memes, and even Instagrams

What are the important points to keep in mind before designing content marketing strategy?

  • People don’t want to rely on advertising while making purchase. Instead, they search for the valuable information that could help them make a purchase.
  • Google also want great content to rank high in search results.
  • Content spread through various channels.
  • Content is the best way to achieve what is expected from advertising.

What are Content Marketing Tactics?

  • Know Your Audience. It is important to know who the audience is, what they want and what they value. The best way to start with is to carry out market research and identify customer segment.
  • Include Images. The use of large and engaging images within content draws visitors’ attention. The images should also be tagged for high ranking.
  • Use multi-channels to promote the content. Emails, social media, display advertising, public relation, etc are few of them.

Besides it, there are various other tactics that need to be pondered over while designing content marketing tactics. Referencing industry influencer, taking mark-up and tagging opportunities, being transparent, etc are few of the major ones.

How does Ebriks help your business through content marketing?

Content marketing is, no doubt, a key component of a successful B2B marketing strategy in the online space. It offers brand remarkable returns, besides improving SEO performance. Ebriks ponders over all the above stated aspects and helps its clients in achieving what is expected, with the eye at delivering consistent and valuable information to buyers.

Why Content Marketing is important for your business?

  • It transmits relevant, high quality and valuable information to the buyers to gain trust among the clientele.
  • It adds value to targeted customers by offering them the needed information. The content should be able to cater to the needs of people by offering them the quality solutions and deep insights.
  • Content marketing, being an important part of search engine marketing strategy helps in engaging customers.
  • It would help an organization stand against customers, by earning loyalty from customers. Along with attracting quality links, it also increases site visibility in search engines.
  • The increased use of social media has laid positive impact on the search results and thus, it is considered to be an important part of content marketing strategy.

How to measure the ROI of a content marketing strategy?

  • Understanding what is being measured, after identifying the needs and goals for which content marketing strategy was designed. If the goal is to increase sign up, you need to know how many sign ups are turning up. If the goal is to increase the conversion ratio, you need to have some baseline to measure the result against the same.  Thus, it is important to set up goal before designing any such strategy.
  • Use of proxies to measure success. The proxies, include Facebook likes, Retweets, Reblogs, Linkedln shares, comments, time spent on page, etc. it would give you an idea of people’s liking for your content and thus, would help you earn loyalty and conversion. The number of retweets to the previous content is believed to be more useful than the total number of retweets. These signs of progress would help you know the exact place of you content strategy.
  • Focus at both primary and secondary conversion indicators and measure them. Instead of measuring conversion using tools, like Google analytics, you should look at both primary and secondary indicators and should track them. a few of the secondary conversion indicators include retention period, length of sale cycle, quality leads, number of new customers, etc.

Above all, keep patience, as content marketing strategy is not is not about instant advertising metrics.  Planning, tracking and consistency would help you achieve the remarkable ROI.

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