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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a promotion of brands, involving electronic devices, like computer, tablets, SmartPhones and other digital channels. The significant portion of digital marketing is Internet marketing that looks into all the ways that could help an organization gain online presence. Search Engine Optimization is one of the effective practices that help companies to gain high ranking, which in turn brings in business for them. It is beyond doubt that digital marketing is a valuable addition to the business.

What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?

  • Gives personal attention to customer, including motivation to action.
  • Helps in creating uniform messages, personally formatted for each recipient with great ease.
  • Allows measuring quantitative results and gives information about the actions performed by visitors.
  • Helps launching successful campaigns.

How is Digital Marketing different from traditional marketing?

Digital marketing brings you more relevant traffic rather than making random hits, like that in traditional marketing. It is more of on-demand marketing that looks into customers’ needs. Traditional marketing is believed to be aggressive, yet passive and fails to deliver timely information while digital marketing overcomes these deficiencies of traditional marketing, at comparatively low cost.

Digital marketing approach takes into account customers busy schedule and their need of 24/7 information through digital channels. 

What should be the Digital Marketing goals?

Though there are different parameters to consider while designing digital marketing strategy, but let’s focus at few of them that could be taken as measurable goals from social networking.

  • The social shares received by blog post.
  • The size of followers or fans on social networking sites.
  • Inbound visitors from social websites.
  • The conversion rate from social traffic.
  • The presence of brand on social media sites.

What are important elements to consider while designing digital marketing strategy?

Developing a digital marketing strategy is a key consideration before you start with any of these activities. It should be very carefully designed to maximize potential and minimize expenses. It is only then that your online business can be a success. A few of the elements to be considered while designing digital marketing strategy are:

  • SEO, Search Engine Marketing: It is the best practice that helps in attracting traffic and achieving ranking.
  • Website Design & Functionality: It includes site design such an effective site is designed to function as a lead generation and lead capture tool.
  • Video Marketing: A video uploaded should be well optimized using recent marketing tactics to spread the right message to the right audience.
  • PPC & Facebook Advertising: A well planned strategy would be helpful in targeting audience for sales and capturing lead.
  • Email Marketing: It can only be useful, when advanced technology and tools are tied up into website functionality. It can insert lead into sales funnel and can generate amazing results.
  • Social Media Management: Spreading awareness, link building, managing online reputation through social media is an important part of digital marketing strategy.

What are important factors to consider while designing digital marketing strategy?

  1. Target Audience:
    It is important to know target customers such that the strategy could be designed accordingly.
  2. Experience:
    It would teach you to come out with new ideas and measure success at every step.
  3. Budget:
    It is only once you decide upon your budget; you could accordingly plan marketing spends. If you have bigger marketing budget, you could go for pay per click or paid advertising. If you are looking for inexpensive alternatives, social media, blogging, video marketing, etc could be done.
  4. Time Planning and implementation strategies:
    Every marketing strategy needs to be monitored constantly in order to measure functioning and have successful online presence.

How do digital marketing improve conversion ratio?

It cannot be denied that website conversion is the need of successful marketing. Digital marketing helps you gain online presence and spread the awareness such that more visitors turn up and increase the probability of getting more business. The web content should have appropriate placement of keywords to attract potential customers. The website designed and the marketing tactics included should lead to customers’ engagement. The customers’ problems should be solved at the earliest, providing them accurate and complete information.

How Can EBriks help you gain presence in online space?

EBriks would help you search the most appropriate channel that could help you target your audience, looking into the needs and resources of business. We would help you design a planned strategy with simple, effective and updated solutions for your online business. Above all, one should not forget that a strategy process model is a framework that comprises logical sequence to follow and EBriks would help you design a robust framework that includes all major actions of strategic development and implementation.

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