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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is new and effective marketing technique associated with sharing and connecting people across the world online. It focuses on developing quality content and sharing the same to pulls in visitors towards the company or the product. Thus, this technique helps marketers to reach to relevant audience.

It is beyond doubt that quality content is a keystone of successful marketing strategy. Content creation takes lot of time and resources and thus, should be well integrated into an overall strategy to guarantee success. Content shared through inbound practices reach the target audience and thus, is useful in spreading brand awareness. Hitting the right prospects is an important marketing strategy and this is what is fulfilled by inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing and AIDAS approach

Inbound marketing has a close connection with AIDAS (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action and Satisfaction) approach followed by EBriks, as it starts from spreading awareness among people and then attracting them through quality content. Once people are attracted towards the product or the services, they would go ahead with the action and the company then, works hard to offer them the satisfied services so that they return, when required.

Advantages of Inbound Marketing

  • It is cost-effective technique
  • It captures quality leads
  • It inspires engagement, as it leads to two-way interaction
  • It brings in higher conversion and better ROI

How Inbound Marketing Is Useful for Your Business?

  • Focuses on targeting right audience by sharing quality content signifying USPs.
  • Uses multiple channels to interact with customers
  • Personalizes message to people’s specific need such that their basic questions are answered.
  • Ensuring that all publishing and analytics tools are well integrated. They work together to publish the right content in the right place at the right time.

Few inbound marketing facts:

  • Inbound marketing costs less than traditional marketing tactics. It costs 62% less than outbound. Average cost-per-lead of outbound marketing is $373 and that of inbound is $143.
  • Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links directing traffic to their site. Such companies get more indexed pages as well as far more leads.
  • Over 80% of clicks on search results are for organic, i.e. not paid results; 70% of those clicks are on the top 3 organic results.
  • Inbound Marketing tactics do not only come up with leads, instead they generate revenue too.
  • 41% of marketers believe that inbound marketing practices produces measurable return on investment.
  • Inbound marketing budgets have increases by 50% in last 3 years.

What are the techniques used in Inbound Marketing?

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Video Optimization
  • Social Media

How inbound marketing practices can be used to increase traffic and leads?

  • Share informative and valuable content all across the social media platforms. It would also be helpful in creating new leads and more sales.
  • Don’t overlook any of the important consideration that can have negative impact on transmitting right message.
  • Identify prospects and share the content of interest.
  • Create and add graphic call to action buttons for easy communication. It would help you increase the leads to your website.
  • A well planned conversion strategy is very much required to convert visitors into leads.
  • Adding of offers can be appealing to visitors.
  • Create Campaigns to build lead and continue conversation with possible new leads.

How does EBriks help companies in spreading awareness among the right audience?

EBriks Infotech ensures that customers come across the information shared, when they are researching with the intent to purchase. Thus, the company targets right audience and help its customers gain relevant leads following a strategic approach.

EBriks uses blogging to create education content and find the right prospects, social media to interact with customers and engage them, target right keywords and optimize web pages. Then, the experts look into the conversion ratio and take the needed initiatives in converting visitors to leads. It takes care of call-to-action, landing pages, contact information, forms filling, etc. Furthermore, customers’ satisfaction is looked into through various means.

EBriks creates and manages custom marketing programs to help attract right prospects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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  • "In just a matter of few months we are now ranking on page one of Google for two of our keywords. The progress we’ve seen whilst working with EBriks is extremely impressive."

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