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Know your Competitors

Competitor Analysis

Why is it important to know your competitor?

Knowing your competitor is a major part of the marketing strategies. It becomes easier when you know your competitor and then develop plans to make your business successful. Knowing your competitor can help you move ahead in the competition with the help of efficient strategies and programs.

With the help of research and competitor analysis program you can now analyse their target potential and threats to your business online. Our expert professional team is well experienced and are capable of providing you a report which includes everything about the competitor and the opportunities for your business.

How does EBriks help you to discover your competitor?

  • Know your new competitors
  • Track the ranking of your competitors
  • Find the target keywords used by your competitors
  • Analyze the index pages and links of your competitor
  • Discover the strategies used by your competitors to increase their rank

Website Traffic

Our expert team will provide you with instant information about the traffic your competitor gets from search engines and link exchanges. This will help you analyse the strength and weakness of your competitors that can provide room for your development and success in business. You can get the relative performance of every competitor with instant updates.

Market Analysis

You can view the complete market analysis according to the various search engines that serves as the major global market. You can find your competitors with the help of your target keyword list. Our market analysis team will provide you with a complete list of both direct and indirect competitors for your business.

Use of Keywords

The correct usage of keywords is yet another criteria for a successful business online. To know the success behind your competitors business our expert team will help you analyse the keywords and provide you with a detailed report about their usage of keywords in various advertisement campaigns.

Detailed Comparison

Know where you stand in the competition, Our expert team will provide you with a comparison report between you and your competitor in every aspect of the business from keywords to ad campaigns .This will help you analyze the strength, weakness and the target potential of your own business.

SWOT Analysis

An analysis of your competitor is never complete with a SWOT analysis that includes strength, weakness, opportunities and threat. This will provide you with a detail report about the market place. You can execute effective techniques to grow your business based on them.

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  • "In just a matter of few months we are now ranking on page one of Google for two of our keywords. The progress we’ve seen whilst working with EBriks is extremely impressive."

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