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Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing consists of marketing techniques that are designed for communicating with consumers via mobile devices. The aim of mobile marketing is to either send a simple marketing message or to allow them to visit a mobile website or introduce them to a new audience participation based campaigns.

The easy and portable feature of mobile and its connectivity has helped a lot to people in communicating and seeking information, as desired. It has turned out to be the most simple and effective communication medium. The remarkable feature of it is that it is cheaper than other traditional channels and is user-friendly. Moreover, it suits the needs of all age groups and even keeps them engage.

The Unique Benefits of Mobile and the Increasing Popularity

Mobile is a remarkable device that can be carried along at any place. It is personal and hence, can be used at ease. With low cost of communication, mobile devices are changing the marketing horizons by opening up new boulevards. The launch of SmartPhones has further enabled users to take wider advantage of this device. Applications that are commonly used on these devices have given people the power to access information and communicate without any hassle. They can carry out research and know about any product or service with just few clicks. The user-friendly feature has been found to be lot helpful as marketing tool.

Pros of Mobile Marketing

  1. Instant:
    A person can receive instant messages, as mobile is always carried along. In case when the mobile is in standby mode, the message is received as the user turns it on. As a result, the mobile marketing techniques adopted produce instant delivery of the message.
  2. User-Friendly:
    It is a user friendly device that is less expensive as compared to laptop or desktop. Retrieving message, either in form of text or video is simple and easy. Mobiles can also be used to issue promotion or marketing incentive services to users.
  3. Convenient:
    It is easy to create content for the mobile websites, as the size of the screen is very small. Thus, the content or the information displayed is precise and simple. It would help to adapt to various mobile platforms.
  4. Direct marketing:
    The mobile marketing interacts directly with users, allowing personal interaction to a large extent. Taking advantage of the same, marketers can start conversing with users and get feedback.

In addition to these, there are several more features that help users to track the information or send location specific messages to users.  Easy communication is add on benefit that marketers can take advantage of. The recent launch of mobile payment facility has also made it convenient for users to log on to secure online payment environment and pay their bills.

Cons of Mobile Marketing

  1. Diverse Platform:
    Mobile devices come in a variety of shapes and size, even the screen size is not same every time. Moreover, mobile platform also differ from each other, due to different browsers and OS. Thus, it becomes difficult to create a general campaign for all.
  2. Privacy:
    Users want to have their privacy online and thus, the marketers should indulge in promotional activity accordingly.
  3. Navigation:
    Due to presence of small screen size and no mouse, navigation becomes difficult for a user. It can be difficult for user to look at ads in detail.

What success factor should be looked into while designing Mobile Marketing Strategy?

The strategy designed should look into the following success factors:

  • Visible - the site, whether desktop or mobile should be easily findable on search result pages.
  • Useful - the content or the campaign should be relevant to the time, place and situation.
  • Usable - easy to navigate and share.
  • Desirable - should be worthy enough for saving, sharing and revisiting.
  • Engaged - should be accessible such that it engages interaction between consumer and brand.

In fact, a balanced mobile strategy should have both effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness refers to doing the right things while efficiency refers to doing the things right.

How can EBriks Help you in spreading business via mobile?

EBriks, the leader in providing IT solutions, has a team of qualified and experienced experts who would help you develop a well optimized mobile website. In addition, they assure users of the simplicity and the speed. A mobile website would be made friendly enough by placing the location and contact information in a prominent place to help the customers. The robust mobile marketing strategy is designed, keeping users’ requirement and marketing needs in mind.

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