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LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is the social media marketing tool that helps business of all types to gain online fame. Instead of randomly hitting and setting odd connection, people can use this site for many other purposes, such as attracting high quality clients, getting searchable by potential business partners or recruiters or boosting personal brand and forming relationships that are no doubt valuable. All these activities would ultimately drive traffic to the site. Thus, LinkedIn is much more than just networking. One could easily get highly converting traffic to the website or the blog, using this social media tool.

Your profile should be based on targeted keywords so that people could find it easily. It has built-in search engine, where people around are looking for domain experts to build connections with. Then, it comes to optimization of profile page for maximum exposure.

Why is LinkedIn Good for B2B Business?

  • LinkedIn, like other social media sites offers competitive edge to businesses. It has millions of users and majority of them uses the tool to search professionals.
  • People also look for the ways to establish network with other companies and professionals and LinkedIn gives them the needed assistance.
  • It is also supposed to be an opportunity for companies to establish new and meaningful business relationships that ultimately drive in traffic and increases the revenue.
  • Companies can create their customized page to showcase the brand. The list of product or services can be added with a link to e-commerce site. It permits people to visit the blog or website and know about the related product or service.  
  • Companies also include the list of employees at different levels. It allows visitors to connect with influential company employees.
  • LinkedIn is a social networking site that can be used to present a company or a person as a leader in the industry.

How can LinkedIn be helpful?

It helps in the following ways:

  • Reach out to business buyers
  • Connect with professionals
  • Build relationships
  • Establish leadership
  • Gain insights
  • Improve reputation
  • Conduct market research
  • Build online communities

How can LinkedIn create awareness and improve reputation?

LinkedIn helps in improving the online presence. Companies can develop contact with increasing number of professionals. At the same time, people or companies can improve upon their visibility and credibility as a brand. Taking advantage of the features, such as status update functionality, companies can improve upon the visibility or can make them more prominent on the homepage.

How can LinkedIn helps in developing thought leadership?

There are various features in LinkedIn that help you position yourself as a leader in specific domain. By providing high quality content, improving upon the personal profile and participating in communities to answer question, people can present themselves as a though leaders. One should not forget that leadership and reputation go hand in hand. It helps in developing network and engaging with other influencers.

How can LinkedIn be helpful in generating leads?

Looking into the fashion of posting interesting content and then, driving traffic to the relevant link, LinkedIn also offers ways to identify potential leads and engage them in the hope of converting them to customers. There should be perfect combination of listening, estimating, contributing, sharing, networking and replying. Conversing with prospects and marketing them indirectly would improve upon the probability to increase sale.

Replying to the prospects’ questions help companies identify the new lead. Content sharing or liking also give marketers an insight about their interest. If your answer is what customers are looking for, they would initiate a contact and it would present you as a leader.

How can LinkedIn be helpful in Social CRM?

LinkedIn helps you gain better view on prospects. There are many social CRM applications that are integrated with LinkedIn. One can also set up own basic integration of contacts (if required), as LinkedIn supports Google contacts. The benefit of this integration is that it keeps you updated about what your contacts are doing on LinkedIn in real time. One stays updated about their posts and updates, behaviour and preference.

How can LinkedIn help in driving traffic?

Like other social media sites, LinkedIn also helps you share content in your status updates and in communities. The sharing of information or links is believed to be good for creating viral effects. Business content is often shared through LinkedIn.

How can EBriks help you spread the work through LinkedIn?

EBriks, leader in providing IT solution have expertise in social media optimization. Taking advantage of different aspects of LinkedIn marketing, they help you engage with millions of professionals and find new customers. The company takes into account all existing contacts to connect with people. Regular business updates are shared to keep professional up to date about the company.

The experts at EBriks would definitely help you in acquiring new customers by setting up a LinkedIn business page, a customized cover and links to website or blog to keep people updated.
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