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Social Media Marketing Plans and Packages

Social Marketing Audit Services

The social media marketing audit will help you analyze the power of social network and online communities that can meet your social objectives and business goals. By analysing the current status of the clients where they are, we will be able to provide them with various opportunities for moving forward in social media. We at EBriks will help you strengthen your marketing plans at various popular social media sites like facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and Digg.

EBriks Approach

  • Our Expert team at EBriks makes use of efficient tools to measure your success in social media strategy.
  • We analyze and provide you with honest customer feedback and comments about your products and services.
  • Our EBriks expert team will provide you with various tips and techniques to increase your loyal customers in social media sites.
  • We help you increase your employee productivity that can increase the growth of your business and sales.

Social media marketing Audit is the perfect tool to analyze your current resource, products, and services in the social market. We provide you with the best solution and methods to analyze the impact of social media on the revenue and growth of your business.

Analyzing your Business Goals

Social media sites and online forum communication is the key factor to improve the performance of your business. Hence we at EBriks will analyze whether your communication is based on the major business goals or they are being targeted aimlessly at the customers. Based on the results we provide you with various techniques to improve your level of communication with the audience.

Targeting Customers

Our professional team at EBriks will help you analyze the impact of the audience on your business. We help you analyze the conversion rates that can boost your business sales and profit. We provide you with business tips to increase your customer list.

Competitor Analysis

Analysing your competitor is very essential to keep sure that you stay ahead of the competition in the market. Hence we at EBriks provide you with a detailed analysis of your competitor including their strength and weakness. We also provide you with the opportunities that can be utilized to stay ahead of your key competitors in your business.

Track your Activity

Our Expert team at EBriks will help you keep track of the growth of your business in the social marketing sites. This will help you determine your success and future targets over a period of time. We not only track your social media activity but also your competitor activity to make you stay ahead in the competition always.

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  • "In just a matter of few months we are now ranking on page one of Google for two of our keywords. The progress we’ve seen whilst working with EBriks is extremely impressive."

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