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Twitter Marketing

One of the growing marketing platforms that have attracted the attention of both marketers as well as prospects is social media. It has become a platform, where people can engage themselves and can know about other’s opinion, feedback and reviews.  Twitter is one of these social media options and is perfectly fit to spread marketing message for all types of organizations. These days, twitter is used as a marketing tool.

Why is Twitter Marketing fit for Small Businesses?

  • Free:
    The marketing and advertising cost is highly curbed down, as it is totally free. Just with an access to internet the marketing message can be easily spread with the help of his famous and most active social network.
  • Target Customers:
    Twitter permits marketers to target specific group of people and promote products or services, as needed.
  • Brand Building:
    It helps in building brand, as every tweet or interaction done creates impression about the brand. 
  • Real Time: With the help of twitter, organizations can communicate or interact with their customers in real time and thus, is supposed to be better than emails or phone calls. It saves both time and money.

How can Twitter be used as a learning tool?

  • Twitter, a Media Platform:
    It allows people to share updates and news. Marketers can also post a link to the full content.
  • An Advertising Ground:
    A post related to promotion or sale should be made conversational or promotional.
  • Brand Voice:
    Tweets also carry personality and thus, should be presented in a unique style. It is a fantastic tool that gives brand a voice.
  • Customer Service:
    Twitter gives people an access to interact and engage themselves in conversation. It acts as an optional customer service ground, as business can reply to the queries easily.

What are few Twitter marketing tips?

  • Share valuable content with links to full post
  • Use keywords in your tweets
  • Know what your client wants, using search feature
  • Reach and engage your audience
  • Be transparent, as it leads to credibility
  • Tweets link to your blog often
  • Connect other social media account, such as Linkdln account to Twitter account

How can I create a professional Twitter presence?

When you tweet, be appropriate and don’t worry about small talks. Don’t be too corporate, else people would find your account boring and would not follow.

How can I automate Twitter marketing?

It is important to be consistent in posting, while at the same time, difficult to post regularly. Thus, tweet should be posted regularly with the help of various programs, like Hootsuite.

How many tweets shall I send out every day?

There is no perfect number of tweets to be posted each day. Instead, it should neither be too much nor too less. What matter is whether your followers are reading them or not. Tweets should keep them engage.

Should I have separate business and personal Twitter accounts?

It is advisable to have one Twitter account to avoid confusion, else you would be busy figuring out which update to post to which account. More number of accounts would increase the work load.

How can a B2B business use Twitter?

Twitter helps businesses to stay in touch with prospects, previous clients, and referral sources, as it is the main source of people’s engagement.  The eye on Twitter’s consistency, automation and engagement can help B2B businesses to grow and generate leads.

What does it mean to follow someone on Twitter?

When you follow someone, their tweets start displaying in your feed. Their tweets are added to your home page in real time. Thus, you stay updated about the tweets of your followers.

How do I know who I’m following?

When you follow somebody, the name starts displaying in the list of followers. In addition to it, the grey follow button is presented on the home page of follower.

How is @mention message different from a direct message?

Mentions are public in nature. @mention message can be send to anyone, irrespective of whether you are following or they are following you.

A direct message is shared only with those who follow you.

How can EBriks help you?

‘EBriks’, IT leaders, has brought in a wide array of services to help your business expand through social networking. Twitter, being one of the most important social media sites, can be used as a marketing tool to spread brand voice. The company has expertise in offering professional twitter marketing services to help your brand stay at top.

EBriks help you in the following ways:

  • Building brand on twitter
  • Engaging audience via interesting tweets
  • Responding to customers’ queries
  • Developing contest for current followers and to attract new followers.
  • Maintaining account for posting tweet and replying, when required.
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